“To be, or not to be? That’s the question. Is it better to suffer bad luck in silence? Or is it better to fight it? Neither of them matter.

When we die, we sleep- nothing more. Sleep will end the heartache and the pain of life. It’s the best way to end our suffering.

To die, to sleep, perhaps to dream- ah, that’s the problem. Who knows what terrible dreams wait for us after death?

Some of us are unhappy with the pain of life. But we’re afraid that the pain of death will be even worse.

Death is an undiscovered country. It frightens us. No traveller even returns.

We prefer to suffer the known problems of life than to escape to the unknown problems of death. But it’s bad to think too much about this. We become weak, and all our thoughts of action disappear.”



Pre-Intermediate Level.
Penguin Readers.

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