Finding my way

Everybody is talking about the Brexit. What is my opinion? How does that affect me? I need to go back, in my past, to answer.

Where are you from? you ask and answer this a lot of times during your life. For me, this question was more difficult than it sounds. Honestly, It left to be like that when I was 18 and I had a solid answer. Why was it hard for me? Because I didn’t feel from anywhere during many years in my life.

I didn’t feel from anywhere.

The reason of that… I was born in the Netherlands. My grandfather emigrated because the economical crisis in Spain in the 60s, so all my father’s family live there since then. My parents are Andalusian so when I was born, they decided to give me the Spanish nationality (you couldn’t have double nationality in this moment).

When I was 6, we returned to Spain. When the teachers asked me about my nationality, I had difficulties to answer that. A lot of people didn’t understand that I wasn’t Dutch even though I had lived  there all my years. It’s weird, when I’m talking happily with my friends, sometimes I have Andalusian accent! It’s crazy, isn’t? As my parents have this accent, my brain learn it somehow. I’ve visit Andalusian a few times and honestly, there is something that attracts me.

When I was a child, I remember that I loved the cloudy days and when It was rainning because I felt nostalgia. These type of days, It made me travel to the Netherlands, and sometimes, I could remember some memory of my childhood.

My father told me a lot of times that if you have been an emigrant, you always miss somewhere.  I’ve only lived a couple short months in London now, but I’m sure that I’ll miss this when I go away.

In the Spanish media, They’re talking very much about the Brexit: consequences, possible problems that it’ll happen in the future. I think that the Spanish Politicians aren’t the best professionals  to speak about this. Because they have approved many decisions which have forced a lot of Spaniards to emigrate. They aren’t the most qualified people to talk about international or national decisions, are they?

My country, which has made me leave it to get a better future, wants to talk about migration, really? And while, I’m living here I think how the Brexit could affect me. Sometimes I feel like a citizen of nowhere.

While all these things are happening, you have to walk your path. Finally, you have to think in your interests. As the European Goberments are doing… even though these interests are not the same as their citizens have.

translation in Spanish here

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