He was so man and so teacher… He didn’t write what he thought, he thought writing as he thought speaking and living. His life was to think and feel, and made us think and feel.




A mission for teachers

I want to share with you this part of the film “Lugares comunes”. I’ve tried to translate it to English, with the kind help of my friend.
If there are any mistakes, please, let me know. Surely I would learn something new.

Next year, almost all of you will be teachers. You don’t know a lot about Literature, but it´s enough for teaching . I’m not worried about that.

My main concern is that you keep in mind that teaching means showing. Showing isn´t indoctrinating, it’s informing, but giving as well, showing as well a method for understanding, thinking and questioning that information.

If any of you is a retard who believes in revealed truth, dogmas of religion or political doctrines, it would be healthier that you preached in a temple or in a stand. If, sadly, you carry on with this, try to leave your opinions in the corridor before you enter the class.

Don´t force your students to memorize, that doesn’t work. What is imposed by force, is rejected and quickly forgotten. No child will become a better adult because he knows in which year Cervantes was born.

Aim at teaching them how to think. Let them doubt and wonder. Don’t value them by their answers, answers aren’t the truth. Look for truth, even though it’s always relative. The best questions have been repeated since the time of Greek philosophers. Many of these are commonplace but they still hold sense: What, How, Where, When, Why. If in this we admit that the goal is the path itself, that wouldn’t be a valid answer. It describes the tragedy of life, but it doesn’t explain it.

There is a mission, a mandate that I want you to fulfill. It’s a mission nobody commended you, but I hope that you, as teachers, commit to.

Wake in your students the pain of thought. Without limits. Without mercy.

If I don’t like my life and this doesn’t change…

This morning, I remembered a conversation with my friend that I had the last summer. We were in the swimming pool and we were nervious because we didn´t know our marks in the teacher’s exam yet. She asked me what I was going to do after knowing the results, which were going to be my next goals. This was my answer:

“I only know one thing, if I don´t like my life and this doesn´t change… I´ll make it change.”

These words come back sudenly in my mind this morning, while I was having a shower. I was getting ready to go to the library from where I’m writing this now, in London.

Sometimes I’m surprised because of the effect of our thoughts.


Educating: a commitment with our memory

I’m reading a book very interesting about education: “Educating: a commitment with our memory”. I love reading it and I’m sure that it’ll be a referent for next posts here. Today I want to share with you some phrases of it:

“The only way in which we can help them (children) is makes them find to theirselves. That they live, accepting theirselves. That they are built by theirselves. All of these actions are reflective, personal and unrepeatable.”

Find the balance between rejecting imposition and accepting influence.