I was born the 10 June of 1988 in the Netherlands. The first day after my sixth birthday, we moved to Madrid (Spain).

When I was 18, I started the journalism degree, but I never finished it. In the first year, I found my real vocation: teaching. I studied the teacher degree at Complutense University. In 2013, 3 years after to finish that, tired of my situation, I wrote a comic “Los vaivenes de Ana Ceres”. In Spain, I worked like teacher in an academy Kumon.

Now, I’m studying English in London. A lot of reasons led me to take this decision. I’m studying the Spanish government exam for teachers* too.

Why am I writing here? Because I have to improve my English. Surely, I’ll make some mistakes in this blog, and I’m sorry about that… I need to get more confidence and I want to reflect my progress.