Change the rules

Newton, Darwin, Aristoteles…. History has been written by men because women didn’t have the opportunity to do it, I’m sure. We’ve started this race later. There were women that broke the rules and they showed it to the rest for generations. They got big progress, thanks to that we are closer to equality, but it isn’t real equality yet.

Always I’ve liked the difference between “concept” and “word”, “content” and the “container”. For the same concept, we can use different words, depends on sense, era or language. The words are more volatile (change easily), but the concept is immutable and it’s used timelessly. In the same sense, our “content” like person must be more important that the container, our body.

Doesn’t matter the color of our lips, the important is the message we can tell. What matters our silhouette(shape) or the length of our skirts? Sometimes I would like to be an “immaterial creature” that I only would be listened, valued, criticized for what I think… independently of my body or condition.

Our body is, and must be, less important. Our thinking, our values and our actions are the most important. These things really define ourselves. Our bodies will be food by maggots, whether you are man or woman, because we are the same thing: we are living beings, and the world must understand it.

One day like today, we can’t talk about real equality. In a job interview that I had, They asked me how old I was and what was my marital status (It wouldn’t happen If I was a man with same characteristics). Sometimes I’ve suffered prejudice because I am a woman.

We are very proud while we celebrate a day like today, international women’s day, because it deserves this appreciation. However we must to get it like a point for thinking about it and we work for change during the rest of the year.

It’s inevitable for me remember the path we have to walk to get a real equality. In Spain, women have better marks in the universities, but the better positions are for the men in the companies. Still there is a “glass ceiling” in the companies, and the women can’t move up.

There were 16 murders for “gender violence” in Spain this year. 886 since 2003. I don’t want to imagine the women that they’ve fear because their partners come at home in this moment.

We still have to be glad because we’ve found a “good man” that loves us and protects us… We feel lucky for a “luck” that must not be… It must be the normal!

We’ve been taught to be afraid of men, that “uncontrollable creatures”. Because of that we can’t walk through dark streets, run alone late at night.

Days like this, I feel inspiration about women such as Emmeline Pankhurst. She fought to give power of woman in the society. She got connected different women (with diverse social status), they were several activists to give a voice to women. Thanks to that, in 1928 the women had the right to vote. To vote meaning to have influence because you can change the government decisions. The first country to give all women the right to vote in public election is New Zeeland in 1893. In Spain, it was in 1931… less than a century ago.

Knowing stories like from Emmeline, inspires you and gives you hope. She believed in something that she hasn’t seen before. We have to fight to get, one day, a real equality… a world where the gender won’t decide your career.

How many times we couldn’t walk because they stopped our path?
Why not celebrate this day  the celebration for the freedom of women?

We can find a fairer world.